Thousands hospitalized due to air pollution in Thailand

Severe air pollution in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has led to more than 12,000 people being admitted to Maharaj Chiang Mai Hospital since the New Year.

“Now, the hospital it is overcrowded,” says Dr. Bannakit Lojanapiawat to The Nation Thailand.

Forest fires and burnt rubbish have led to air pollution by dangerous particles. The pollution in Chiang Mai is described as the worst in the world and is considered dangerous according to IQAir.

“Doctors and health personnel work around the clock to give the public the best possible help. But people should also take care of their health to prevent serious symptoms from air pollution,” Dr. Lojanapiawat says.

A total of 1.73 million people has been forced to seek help between January 1 and March 19, according to the Bangkok Post.


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One Comment on “Thousands hospitalized due to air pollution in Thailand”

  1. Considering Thailand always tries to do whatever it takes to ‘save face’. This situation where we have the most polluted city and worst air quality in the world is absolutely shameful and no amount of excuses will help to ‘save face’. Now is the time for real action, otherwise Chiang Mai will become a no go area for tourists resulting in a damaged economy and huge embarrassment for the goverment and people of Thailand of which no amount of face saving will recover from.

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