Chiang Mai air quality ranked worst in the world

The dangerous level of PM2.5 in Chiang mai province, Thailand has been ranked the worst in the world several days this week.

Recently, the Command Center for Preventing and Resolving Forest Fire Problems reported that 334 hotspots have been discovered in 25 districts across the province.

According to the Pattaya News, these districts are mostly in the northern part of Chiang Mai. The cumulative hotspots range from January 1st, 2023 to the present total of over 5,867 spots, with 2,322 hotspots found in March alone.


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One Comment on “Chiang Mai air quality ranked worst in the world”

  1. It is not only north. Bkk and Pattaya just as bad from time to time. Air pollution in the country is a complete and absurd tragedy. Completely man-made. Can be easily avoided and is completely disrespectful towards the country’s citizens who suffer the most and are exposed to serious illness. Thailand is no longer the “land of smiles”, but the country where everyone wears a face mask due to extreme air pollution. It is also completely disrespectful to the tourists who travel to Thailand and are exposed to this. A minimum of respect and honesty towards visitors dictates that the Thai tourism industry informs about the extreme air pollution in the country.

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