Sign up for Future is Made in Finland – Episode V on Sustainable Solutions

Are your future plans green? Are you building a career around sustainability? Finland is a global superpower in some of the key scalable technologies in cleantech, recycling, and renewable energy. 

Join the webinar on 17 November to hear from the world’s leading air-quality researchers and learn how to create successful commercial spinoffs. 

In this webinar, you will meet the world’s leading scientists and learn how their work on air quality is shaping our understanding of urban environments, public health, and climate change. You will also hear the latest news about sustainable food chains and innovations, which have implications on various aspects of public and individual health and the economy. 

The webinar is facilitated by the University of Helsinki, which is one of the world’s top 1 % research universities.

Date & Time: 17 November at 17:00 in Hanoi, Jakarta, and Bangkok, 18:00 in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Find more information and sign up here

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