Singapore Airline, SAS and Finnair among safest airlines in the world

According to, an airline safety and review website, Singaporean Airlines, SAS, and Finnair are amongst the safest airlines to fly with in 2021.

Singapore Airlines ranked 4th on the list amongst 19 other airlines. SAS and Finnair found themselves in the top 20, ranked 16th and 17th ahead of the likes of Lufthansa, KLM, and United Airlines. analyses various elements such as crashes, serious incidents, audits from aviation’s governing bodies and lead associations; government audits, and fleet age in making their determinations amongst the 385 different airlines it monitors. Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief explains that it is the way flight crew handles these incidents that determines a safe airline from unsafe ones.

The top 20 safest airlines 2021 are at the forefront of safety innovation, operational excellence, and the launching of new more advanced aircraft like the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787.

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