Singaporean actress Munah Bagharib interviews Finnish writer Johanna Nylund on happiness

What attributes lie beneath a happy nation? Photo: Embassy of Finland in Singapore

Embassy of Finland in Singapore asks fundamental questions as “How to achieve happiness?” and “What does it mean?” by drawing attention to a interview with Johanna Nylund, Finnish writer, photographer and author of the book ‘Sisu’ – Finnish art of Courage.

On her quest to determine how resilience can help a country to grow and be happier, Singaporean host and actress Munah Bagharib, has interviewed Johanna who shares how the Finns lived under very harsh conditions such as the Winter War.

– You can’t just let the circumstances decide for you, you have to decide what you are going to do and you have to take over the circumstances, says Nylund during the interview.

Nylund further touches upon, and defines, ‘sisu’ as a Finnish concept of resilience, courage, tenacity, perseverance and maybe even stubborness.

If you wish to see the full video and discover what other attributes lie behind happy nations the Embassy encourages you to click to Channel News Asia website and find out what happiness means for different people:…/to-achieve…


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