Biden pressures China with export ban on microchips

The Biden Administration has introduced a set of export controls including an attempt to cut China off from microchips and semiconductors. Photo: NBC News

American President Joe Biden has introduced a ban on exports of microchips and semiconductors to China infuriating the Chinese while leaving the atmosphere between the two countries at an absolute freezing point. This was reported by Danish tabloid media, Berlingske Tidende.

The ban was introduced as an attempt to expand its reach in its bid to slow Beijing’s technological and military advances and to put a pressure on China as its leader’s, Xi Jinping, earlier this week declared China did not acknowledge Taiwan’s independency and revealed the intention of integrating Taiwan into the republic within the nearest future.

The American government also demands a full stop of sales of microchips to China from its allies including South Korea – one of the largest distributers in the field.
At a press conference in Australia, Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, said the introduction of the ban was a very serious act, and that he expected the American government to have considered it very carefully, as it could have tremendous consequences.

The US has threatened to defend Taiwan, should China invade, which could potentially encourage a third World War.

– This is not only about who controls the world production of semiconductors and microchips. This is about World Domination, said Josep Bori of GlobalData to the Guardian.

Microchips and semiconductors are fundamental in building and developing the digital future and is a part of the production of almost all modern machinery such as computers, telephones, cars and airplanes. Although utilizing 75% of the World’s microchips, China only produces 15% itself why a ban of exports could impair the entire Chinese production.

– This is really crazy. We are attempting to attain an overview of what this will mean, but from my perspective, we are under estimating the effects the ban has on technological deliveries and the general technological development – and not least on the relationship between China and USA, said expert in Chinese Relations, Bill Bishop, to the Sinocism Newsletter.

According to Berlingske Tidende, China could potentially counteract the ban by banning sales of noble metals, which the Americans are dependent on to produce the microchips, at a high cost for the country itself. Through the last ten years, China has aggressively expanded its control of the World’s minerals and rare earth elements.

China has condemned the American export ban.


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