Sino-Finnish effort to raise vocational education standard

A Sino-Finnish joint vocational education center opened last week in Minhang district. The China-Finland Center of Excellence in Vocational Education, or the “Harmony and Love” Creative Space, serves as a platform for Shanghai education authorities, pilot schools in Minhang district and Finnish schools and education experts to work together to increase the quality of vocational education. The center is in the Qunyi Vocational and Technical School in Minhang district.


“In its attempt to train more skilled professionals to meet the demands of the international labor market, the center will start with its training in Minhang district and pave the way for a flagship of high quality and premium vocational education,” said Wang Hao, director of the Minhang District Education Bureau.

In recent years, the Chinese government has repeatedly called for new ways to develop vocational education in China to support the development of the economy.

Read more: Global Times


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