Stock up some forest-friendly Monsoon Tea as days get shorter

Monsoon Tea Logo. The forest-friendly tea grown and harvested in Northern Thailand.

Monsoon Tea offers forest-friendly tea of different flavors that are grown and harvested in Northern Thailand. The choices are varied from the classic pure tea products to its unique blends of Green tea, Black tea, Oolong, White tea, Yellow tea, Herbal tea, Kombucha, and Flavored tea that is often updated due to special holidays and seasons.

For instance, the teahouse presented its seasonal blend of a “bewitching brew,” mixing Black Tea, Rosell, Caramel, and Apple together for the past Halloween celebration and is now ready for the upcoming traditional festival of the Land of Smile, having a combination of Black Tea flavored with Winter Strawberry and Herbal Flowers found in its “Loy Krathong Blend.”

Monteaco by Monsoon Tea Shop in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo via Monteaco Sweden.

Based in Chiang Mai, there are three branches of Monsoon Tea in the city and two more in Bangkok. The company also expanded its business abroad under the new name “Monteaco” and previously opened a shop in Stockholm, Sweden this year. Furthermore, it collaborated with distributors in Singapore, France, and Denmark — the Forest Tea Denmark.

Monteaco by Monsoon Tea recently published an autumn tea guide for tea drinkers to select the best “comforting companion” as the days get shorter and winter is around the corner. The selections include “Oriental Chai Black,” “ Jasmine Green,” “Lanna Silver Needle,” “Lahu Black,” “MonSoon Blend White,” “Lanna Green,” and “Jungle Oolong.”

However, it is undeniable that its “Apple Pie Oolong” is the “perfect blend” for fall season, having Oolong tea flavored with Apple, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.

Tea drinkers who are looking forward to making special drinks for themselves at home or start shopping for gifts can now enjoy and have access to their favorite blends from the Northern Thailand tea brand from wherever they are. “No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served,” said a poet, Earlene Grey.

Monsoon Tea Company was founded by Swedish tea master Kenneth Rimdahl in 2013 in Thailand. The creativity in tea making and ambition to operate the business in accordance with sustainability, biodiversity-protection, and the locals are the main factors to success in establishing the brand.

In addition to providing customers with different choices of tea, Monsoon Tea also holds tea-testing workshops occasionally at its headquarters in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Sweden.


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