Chiang Mai-based Monsoon Tea opens branch in Sweden

Kenneth Rimdahl Photo: Monsoon Tea

Founded and driven by Swedish tea merchant Kenneth Rimdahl, the Chiang Mai-based forest-friendly tea, Monsoon Tea, is introducing Monsoon Tea to Sweden.

Monsoon’s forest-friendly Monsoon Tea is grown and harvested in Northern Thailand and specializes in wild and free-grown teas from the original Camellia Sinensis Aassamica tea plant, an undomesticated tea plant native to northern Thailand.

Kenneth Rimdahl founded Monsoon Tea five years ago, nearly 20 years after the original idea of harvesting tea with a sustainable method while protecting the forest, preserving biodiversity, tackling climate change, and providing sustainable income for local communities.

Monsoon tea is now a steadily growing company with five shops in Thailand and orders from all over the world. Monsoon Tea has a large number of wholesale customers and they create tea pairings together with some of Bangkok’s best Michelin restaurants. 

In Sweden, the company is starting out small, with a pop-up tea shop in a small barn in the Stockholm archipelago, accessible only by boat three hours from central Stockholm. In the coming months, Monsoon Tea will be working hard on making their forest-friendly Monsoon Tea more easily available in Sweden, as well as in the rest of Europe and The U.S.

 Read more Monsoon Tea and Swedish tea merchant Kenneth Rimdahl’s 30 years tea journey here 

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