Another bizarre death – Swedish body found in Pattaya


Another bizarre death has occurred in Pattaya. The body of Sten Lundholm, 62, was found in the View Talay 3 Condominiums on Wednesday 6 June 2016. Sten Lundholm was found in the bathroom kneeling on the tiled floor and his head sunken into a plastic barrel filled with water and a heavy golf back attached to his neck.

The police is investigating it as suicide.

Officers from Mueang Pattaya Provincial Police Station had been called at 12 am to the condominium to investigate the death of a foreigner. On the table in the living room the police found a farewell letter written in foreign language.“I can not live without sleeping any longer,” it said. “I love Thailand and Thai people but have no power anymore.”

Besides the letter they found nothing abnormal in the apartment or on the body of Sten Lundholm.

“The room was normal. Nothing indicated that there had been a fight or that crime had occurred. There were no bruises and nothing abnormal to find on the body,” says Pol Lt Demdrong Rodsiri, who acts as the leading investigator in this case. “For now nothing indicates a murder. That’s why were are investigating it as suicide.”

Officer Demdrong Rodsiri moreover states that Sven Lundholm had been dead for approximately five to six hours before being discovered by the authorities.

Police has interrogated Ms Weawmanee Luangkrathok, the 26-year-old owner of the apartment who had found the body. She said that she saw Sven Lundholm drinking at the bar on a daily basis. When he did not appear on Wednesday, she became suspicious and asked a security guard to he check on the customer.

After gaining access to room no. 339/505 on the tenth floor of building E using a spare key, they found the body of Sten Lundholm in the bathroom.

The body is now conducted at Police General Hospital in Bangkok. The police will not give any further details before the report from the conduction is done in approximately one month.


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