Finnair plans several new destinations in Asia


Finnair is going all in when it comes to Asia. The past 12 years the airline’s number of flights to Asia has increased more than 600 percent, and it is set to keep increasing. Finnair is planning to connect traffic from the biggest airports in Scandinavia and Europe to secondary airports in Asia. The following routes to be opened are Xian in China and Hanoi in Vietnam.

Finnair will have a near monopoly with these flights as there are no or few European competing airlines on these routes.

“We expect to start flights to one or two destinations in Asia every year until 2020,” says Robert Gustavsson, who is Finnair’s new Country Manager in Denmark.

Finnair has already named the possible destinations in Asia that the airline is aiming for. No less than 15 destinations in eight different countries are in the works. The destinations are:

Philippines: Manila

India: Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore

Indonesia: Jakarta

Japan: Fukuoka and Sapporo

China: Kunming, Changsha, Hangzhou and Tinajin

Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

Mongolia: Ulan Bator

Southkorea: Pusan


It is not certain that all routes will be all-year-routes. This is not the case with the latest openings.

“If the new route for Hanoi proves to be a success we will try to make it an all-year-route in 2014. However, Xian will only be a season route,” says Robert Gustavsson.



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