Swedish home elevator solutions now in the Philippines

HD Homelift Solutions Corporation, partner of the Sweden-based company Aritco is offering home lift solutions to maintain comfort and mobility for older family members in the Philippines, Manila Bulletin writes in a recent article.

A lift or commonly known as an elevator in the Philippines is an essential equipment for senior citizens and people with disabilities who have problems moving from one floor to the other.

HD Homelift Solutions Corporation’s partnership with Swedish Aritco provides them to customize lifts from the Aritco factory in Sweden that will fit into homes in the Philippines in terms of comfort, functionality, and design.

In the Philippines, HD Homelift Solutions offers three different customizable products to fit in the home including the Aritco 400 which is the smallest and most compact lift in the series.

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3 Comments on “Swedish home elevator solutions now in the Philippines”

  1. I’m really excited to hear about HD Homelift Solutions Corporation’s partnership with Swedish Aritco, expanding accessibility solutions to the Philippines. I remember installing an Aritco lift in my grandparents’ home a few years back and the difference it made was just remarkable; they could finally navigate their multi-story home without fear. It’s fantastic to see this blend of Swedish design and technology making lives easier across the globe!

  2. I remember when my grandparents struggled with stairs in their own home, making their golden years less enjoyable. The partnership of HD Homelift Solutions Corporation with Swedish Aritco, bringing customized home elevators to the Philippines, fills me with joy. Knowing that senior citizens and people with disabilities now have easier access to various floors of their homes, enhancing their comfort and independence, is truly heartwarming.

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