Norwegian-flagged ship with 6 Covid infections waits off the coast in southern Thailand 

Norwegian-flagged ship with 6 Covid-19 cases waits off Songkla. Photo:

The offshore vessel Boa Deep C, sailing under the flag of Norway has been anchored off the coast of Songkla in Southern Thailand since 12 May with six crew members infected with covid-19, local media The Thaiger reports.

According to a spokesman for the Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre, the vessel has been anchored near the island of Koh Nu awaiting further instructions. All crew members have received information that traveling to any other seaport in Thailand or a nearby oil platform is strictly prohibited.

Reports by an official in the International Disease Control Office at the Songkla Deep Sea Port state that the Norwegian vessel started its journey from India on 1 May with 29 crew members on board. After a stopover in Singapore, Boa Deep C arrived at the Port of Songkla on the morning of 11 May where all crew members underwent swab testing. Originally Boa Deep C was given the green light to depart for Chon Buri in eastern Thailand. The vessel departed around 5 pm but was called back a few hours later when test results came in and showed that six crew members had tested positive for covid-19. 

A field hospital has been established onboard Boa Deep C and the infected crew members are currently undergoing treatment. None of them have reported any severe symptoms yet. Patrol boats dispatched by the maritime enforcement center are observing the water around the vessel to make sure no one exits or enters the vessel.

According to Songkla officials, Boa Deep C is free to return to its country of origin at any time as long as they inform Thai officials first.

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