Swedish legislators urge the government to back Taiwan’s militarily

Two members of the Swedish parliament have urged the government and the EU to provide military support to Taiwan.

Swedish lawmaker Joar Forssell of the Liberals told SVT on Saturday, May 20, that the EU and Sweden must assist Taiwan’s military if China attacks. His comments came after Swedish lawmaker Markus Wiechel of the Sweden Democrats on Wednesday, May 17, told the broadcaster the same thing.

“Sweden should assist Taiwan militarily in the event of a Chinese attack. This is since China are trying to challenge democracy on the global stage,” Forssell said.

Asked whether it would be possible for Taiwanese troops to receive training in Sweden as Ukrainian troops did, Forssell said that it “would not be unreasonable.”

“We cannot let China dictate the terms of Swedish foreign policy,” he added.

Wiechel, who led a delegation to visit Taiwan last week, told SVT that “Taiwan should be supported in various ways just as Ukraine.”

Although the Sweden Democrats have increasingly profiled themselves as pro-Taiwanese, the party has clarified that Wiechel’s position is not the party’s official stand.

Source: taipeitimes.com

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