Taiwan wants to join the WHO against China’s wishes

Taiwan is kept out of the World Health Organization (WHO) due to pressure from China. This impacts the efforts to improve the health situation situation in Taiwan, according to Health Minister Hsueh Jui-Yuan.

His remarks were made at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland, where the WHO headquarters are located.

“Excluding Taiwan from the WHO damages the health work for Taiwan’s 23.5 million inhabitants. It undermines attempts to improve the health situation for everyone,” said Hsueh Jui-Yuan. The Minister points to the corona pandemic, among other things.

There are suggestions that Taiwan could participate in the WHO as an observer country, but Beijing opposes all attempts by Taipei to participate in international cooperation.

The WHO’s annual meeting in Geneva is being held 21-30 of May, 2023.

Source: aftonbladet.se

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