Swedish School Organization in Bangkok makes a day trip to Farm de Lek!

On Saturday the 11th of May, the Swedish School Organization made a day trip to Farm de Lek at Tambon Khlong Yai, Amphoe Ongkharak. The school organization has been planning to do a field trip since long ago, but we couldn’t decide where to go. After having looked for a place to visit, not too far from Bangkok downtown, we decided to visit Farm de Lek. This was a clever decision.

Some pupils, pedagogues and parents, took the rented Montri bus at 7.15 am with departure from NIST (New International School of Thailand). The trip took almost 2 hours and we were lucky not having too much traffic.

Here also other pupils with parents joined. Some preferred to take their own car.

We were greeted by an Australian man,who we could address to as Mr. Kay. He immediately took over and started to teach the children how they should behave on Farm de Lek. Believe it or not, from the youngest one, to the oldest child, listened carefully and followed his instructions. Most of us teachers and parents were happily surprised. This man had experience and knew what he did. Our visit became a day lesson in both Swedish and English and the kids also got to learn about different farm animals, how to feed them and treat them. They learned what pigs eat, that rabbits love carrots and grass and that ponies and horses sometimes wear a protecting mask to avoid bothering flies and mosquitoes. As many plants are cultivated at Farm de Lek, the children also got to plant a chili, tomato or eggplant, which they were allowed to bring back home. After having visit the animals and the garden with herbs, it was time for lunch.

Now we all were served chicken wings, several vegetables from the farm, rice, a soup made of Winter Melon etc.Mr. Kay informed the kids (and us adults) how to sort out the food rests, plates and cutlery after the meal. We didn’t dare not to follow his instructions.

Time for some fun and relaxing. The kids had the possibility to climb up to a tree house and go down on a slide. This looked so fun, that some of us adults had to try it and it was fun.

We can warmly recommend families to make this trip to Farm de Lek. You can book a half day or a whole day. If you go for a whole day, you will also have the possibility to swim and/or go for a ride.

Education and fun hand in hand, why not?

We loved it.

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