Swedish travel bookings to Thailand increased by 150 percent

Swedish travelers are eager to travel abroad again, many are interested in traveling far despite the hassle of vaccinations and the most popular destination is still Thailand. According to Adam Györki communications manager at travel operator Tui, some departures to the land of smiles are already fully booked. 

So far the roll-out of the Covid-19 has been far from problem-free in Sweden with delayed deliveries, concerns about side effects, and hassle with booking appointments but this has not stopped Swedes from dreaming of tropical destinations and bookings for next winter’s trip to Thailand is well underway. ”We see a record inflow of bookings. Sales to Thailand have increased by 150 percent compared to last year,” Adam Györki says to local media Aftonbladet

According to him, a trip to Thailand is on average about SEK 1,500 cheaper now compared to a year ago.

Fredrik Henriksson from competing travel operator Ving paints a similar picture. “For Thailand, we see an increase of almost 35 percent. The trend is even clearer among guests who are between 50 and 79 years old. There, bookings have gone up by almost 70 percent,” he says.

He adds that they see that more people want to treat themselves to a little extra on the long-awaited holiday and they see that the best rooms at their popular concept hotels are being booked first. 

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9 Comments on “Swedish travel bookings to Thailand increased by 150 percent”

  1. Thailand always amazing, offers almost everything we Scandic people need. Warm weather, beautiful island, clean sea water, multi fun activity, Cheap ( depend individual budget ) I went to Thailand atleast twice a year. Beside Thailand, if you like less crowded Malaysia is amazing too! Looking forward for Thailand soon!

  2. Very wrong talking about tourist to thailand,
    From a norwegian that have live some months alone at empty hotels i Banfkok.

  3. An increase of 150%… If you do not include the number the increase is based on, then your article is meaningless. For example: Last year you had 2 bookings, this year it’s 5, that’s an increase of 150%.

  4. Absolute ridiculous article… Bookings have gone up 30 70 150 %… Well its not difficult is it as there were zero % last year.

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