Higher living cost crisis has not preventet Danes from seeking warm holiday destinations

Increased costs of living has so far had little impact on Danes’ enthusiasm for long distance travel to warm holiday destinations. Photo: CNN

Increased living costs has apparently not scarred the Danes as much as two years of major COVID-19 travel restrictions.

According to digital news publisher, The Local, Danish travel agencies, Bravo Tours and Spies reports of sold-out travel packages to Mauritius and Thailand while largest travel agency, TUI, states it has experienced a spike in sales of trips to Mauritius, Maldives, Zanzibar and Dubai.

It’s not just that the Danes want to travel. The products sold are luxurious.

– A trip to the Maldives might have an average price of 36,000 kr ($ 5.111). The trend is certainly that we still want to travel, acting head of media communications at TUI, Kike Wiese says.

At the same time, Copenhagen Airport said it expected 8.5 million passengers during winter season instead of the pre-COVID number of 10 million.

As airlines are still struggling to catch up from their downfall during the Covid crisis, Copenhagen Airport Director, Peter Korsgaard, says he expects 2023 to be busy all year round, compared to previous years which started somewhat quietly.

However, Bravo Tours has reached the same activity as before the pandemic and are experiencing a shortage of flights.

– We have problems with there not being enough flights at the moment, especially to Thailand. A lot of flights are sold out because airlines have simply not got up and running again, Bravo Tours CEO, Peder Hornhøj, says.

He further predicts, cheaper destinations will be more predominant among the Danes in the future, while people, at the moment, have given it a bit extra in terms of hotels and facilities on top of the pandemic.

Source: https://www.thelocal.dk/20230102/danes-defy-increased-living-costs-for-holidays-in-warmer-climes/

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