Swedish Youtuber about her collapse in Thailand: I thought I was going to die

Over two weeks have passed since 32-year-old Swedish influencer and Youtuber Lisa Anckarman suffered a sudden loss of vision in one eye, seizure-like symptoms, and speech difficulties and had to be admitted to hospital in Thailand.

About the experience, Lisa Anckarman says, “It was absolutely awful. Henrik (her partner) and I thought I was going to die, so we cried a lot. I tried to say that I love him.”

After undergoing a series of tests and a brain X-ray at the hospital in Phuket, Thailand, everything came fine. Many indications showed that symptoms were due to stress.

“I have known for a long time that I need to make some kind of change. It is constantly being connected, a lot of hatred, and it is an atmosphere that is quite difficult to work in,” she says about her job as a Youtuber.

The incident was a real wake-up call for her that she needs to slow down. She is currently in Thailand with her partner to film the second season of the couple’s reality series. Three episodes were recorded before Lisa collapsed and filming was interrupted. 

Following her collapse, the couple went to Koh Lanta to celebrate Christmas with Lisa’s parents where she spent the first few days in bed. Her mother even arranged a deck chair for her with pillows where she could rest while the rest of the family had Christmas dinner and opened presents on Christmas eve. 

In a post on Instagram, she says that they have stopped filming for the series and will broadcast the three episodes they have so far. The Youtuber says she has started thinking about how she can change her life as she never wants the experience to repeat itself.

Source: Aftonbladet 

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