Swedish Youtuber hospitalized in Thailand – believes it’s stress-related 

The 32-year-old Swedish influencer and Youtuber Lisa Anckarman was recently hospitalized in Thailand after she suddenly experienced mysterious symptoms almost like those of a stroke, Aftonbladet writes. 

Lisa Anckarman who is currently in Thailand with her boyfriend Henrik Elvejord Borg where they are recording season 2 of the couple’s Youtube series, writes in a post on Instagram that on 22 December she started experiencing a loss of vision in one eye during breakfast. 

The couple decided to go back to their hotel so she could rest but on the way, she started losing consciousness and had trouble speaking. Lisa Anckarman says in the post that she wanted to explain to her boyfriend that she was worried but couldn’t put the words together.

“I feel the blood rushing in my body and I assumed I was having a panic attack, even though it felt different from previous experiences,” she writes.

The couple stopped at a clinic where she started having cramps, fainted, and felt suddenly paralyzed in parts of her face. At that point, she thought she was having a stroke. 

Lisa Anckarman was taken by ambulance to a hospital four hours away and once there she had to undergo a series of tests and an x-ray of her brain. 

The next day her test results came back and showed that everything looked good. She writes that the hospital recommended doing an epilepsy test but that would mean she had to stay in the hospital over Christmas so she opted out of that.

Lisa Anckarman believes that the cause of the symptoms is probably long-term stress-related and she has been resting since.

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