Taiwan was a highlight for famous Danish traveler

For Torbjorn Pedersen, who recently completed a 10-year journey to set foot in all of the world’s 203 countries without flying, Taiwan as a highlight on his journey.

“When I was in Taiwan, I was trying to deal with the logistics and the bureaucracy, and get everything ready, but I also had some wonderful experiences,” Pedersen told CNA in a recent interview.

He then compared Taiwan to a soup made from a mishmash of cultural influences.

“A bit of China, a touch of Japan, a sprinkle of the US. Let it boil for a while, with occasional stirring. Don’t forget to add some sea salt and a lot of island mentality, too. Serve with a bunch of colonial interference and plenty of tropical fruit,” he said to the news channel.

Around April 26, 2019, Pedersen landed at the Port of Kaohsiung after arriving from Japan on board an ALS Vesta container ship. He had been traveling for 2,031 days towards a country he later has described as “like China, but nicer.”

Another highlight for Thor was Taiwan’s convenience stores. Unlike in Denmark, Thor says he found Taiwan’s convenience stores to be really practical places that went beyond the usual offerings of snacks and drinks.

The famous traveler wrapped up his pioneering journey in July, when he returned to his home country Denmark, for the first time since 2013.

Source: taipeitimes.com

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