Tetra Pak, WWF Thailand, and Forest Stewardship Council discuss environmental challenges of food packaging

Swedish-Swiss Tetra Pak, the world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, together with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Thailand and Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) held a media roundtable to discuss how future food packaging can help address a trade-off between people and the planet.

Food packaging plays a critical role in feeding the world, but it also impacts the earth’s climate and its limited resources. However, according to the roundtable panelists, we do not have to choose between protecting our planet’s ecosystem and meeting the human need for food.

Tetra Pak believes in the positive role which food packaging can play in bringing about harmony between people and the Planet. The company is strongly committed to building a sustainable future of the planet based on a low-carbon circular economy; it has worked for years to reduce the environmental impact of its carton package.

Now Tetra Pak is accelerating its efforts to develop an ideal carton packaging for the future: a fully renewable and recyclable carton. The world needs such high-performance packaging that increases food access and reduces food waste, supported by ambient distribution to reduce carbon emissions.

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