Thailand applies Sweden’s models to expand forest area

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha said on April 19, that the country’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment are making efforts to expand Thailand’s forest area, based on the models of Sweden. The government has emphasized the importance of tackling air pollution in the long term through measures such as afforestation and environmental protection.

Prayut notes, that Sweden has been able to increase forest coverage from 25% to 75%. Due to this, timber has become one of Sweden’s top exports, making the Nordic country the third largest exporter of sawn timber in the world.

He then called on people to be more involved in afforestation and land allocation to plant trees. The Prime Minister stressed the need to tackle air pollution caused by transport and industrial activities. He warned people not to burn trash outdoors, which could make them face legal consequences.

Prayut said the Thai government has been taking measures to mitigate the effects of global warming, such as preparing for the El Nino weather phenomenon.

Climate experts have warned that the El Nino phenomenon could cause Thailand to face a hotter and drier summer this year. The stronger influence of El Nino can cause temperatures to increase by at least 0.8 degrees Celsius, while “Super El Nino” can cause temperatures to increase by 2-3 degrees Celsius compared to the average in some areas.


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