Forestry has played a major role in the history of Sweden and Thailand relations since 1897

The relations between Sweden and Thailand have strong deep roots and in a recent update, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok highlights how forestry has especially played a major role in the history of the two nations’ relations since 1897.

The Embassy writes:

Today in history- Did you know that forestry has played a major role in the history of Sweden and Thailand relations since 1897 (124 years ago)?

During the royal visit to Europe of King Chulalongkorn of Siam to strengthen the diplomatic ties with European countries and gain more knowledge, expertise, and innovation in July 1897, His Majesty paid a royal visit to Sweden by invitation of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway to participate in General Art and Industrial Exposition in Stockholm. 

The exhibition showcased the new technological and industrial achievements of that time from various European countries. Since Siam had extensive forest resources, King Chulalongkorn was interested in learning more about the Swedish timber industry and opted to visit the northern area with many sawmills and major rivers used for floating timber as per the suggestion of King Oscar II. 

Therefore, King Chulalongkorn sailed north to various cities before departing from Sweden on 20 July 1897. The royal visit has become a milestone in the relations between Sweden and Thailand as it has brought the two Kingdoms closer and left a legacy in the name of the road in Bispgården, Ragunda called ‘King Chulalongkorn’s Road’ (Kung Chulalongkorns väg)

Please watch the film clip showing King Oscar II welcomed King Chulalongkorn at Logårdstrappan, Royal Palace here 


A Chronicle of King Chulalongkorn’s Royal Visit to Sweden and Norway, Rattanakosin Era 116 by the Office of the National Culture Commission

The Swedish Film Institute Svensk film Real Scandinavia

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