The Royal Danish Consulate General assists Danish artist to exhibit in Shanghai


On April 20th young Danish artist and designer Christina Julsgaard opened her first art exhibition in Shanghai at Noeli Gallery. The Royal Danish Consulate General in Shanghai provided guidance and advice in the beginning phases of the project.

“Bringing Danish culture and artists to China not only serves as a source of inspiration for the artists who expose themselves to new experiences but also as a bridging tool between Chinese and Danish cultures,” says Karsten Ankjær Jensen, Consul General of Denmark in Shanghai.

Christina Julsgaard came to China to pursue new experiences and the assistance from the Royal Danish General Consulate in Shanghai proved to be very important for Christina Julsgaard to fulfil her dream to become an international artist.

China was an obvious place to begin. Being a designer Christina Julsgaard has experience from the Chinese retail and fabric market. As a part of her education she had worked at a retail factory in China, an experience that have since made her feel deeply connected to China.

This time she planned a different approach to the exchange between Denmark and China.

“Instead of producing a product here in China and bringing it back to Denmark, I thought I would do it the other way around that is to bring my paintings from Denmark to Shanghai” Christina Julsgaard said at the opening event.

The exhibition will be available to the public at Noeli Gallery until May 17.


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