Trade Council China helps Danish health companies into the Chinese market

According to a recent update from The Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, the Trade Council China, Shanghai recently signed two significant MoUs that can help Danish health companies into the Chinese growing health product market.

About the signing, DCCC East writes: 

The first MoU was signed with Ecmoho, one of China’s largest trading partners within B2B and B2C health E-Commerce. As the first country in the world, Denmark signs an agreement with China’s largest online health provider, JD Health. 

The Trade Council in China has entered an MOU with JD Health, paving the way for Danish companies in reaching Chinese consumers and patients through the newly established ‘Danish Health Pavilion’ on JD.COM

With the MoU, the Trade Council in China operationalizes the Danish Government’s recently launched ‘Life Science Strategy’, offering significant opportunities for the Danish health sector. 

The ‘over the counter’ health product sector has grown significantly in China during the COVID19 period and Danish product/brand analysis shows great potential for Danish products. At the event, Danish GN Group and SME Camette also entered agreements with JD Health to further develop their online presence in #China.”

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