DCCC East: April update from the Royal Danish Consulate in China

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in China has with its recent newsletter given an April update from the Royal Danish Consulate in China including some of Consulate General Jakob Linulf’s recent activities. A part of the update reads:

“To support Danish companies in Xuzhou Consul General Jakob Linulf had a meeting with Mayor of Xuzhou together with Danfoss, LiqTech, Jensen, and Baettr. Jakob Linulf also visited Vink Plastic.

Consul General Jakob Linulf opened the IE Expo on 20 April together with Mr. Peng Bin Vice Chairman of Chinese society for Environmental science and Mr. Zhao Lijun President of China Environmental chamber of Commerce. Jakob Linulf visited the Danish Export Association’s water pavilion and talked to representatives from Hoyer and Hempel. AVK and Grundfos were also represented at the IE Expo and Jakob Linulf visited both companies to talk about their green water projects in China. During the IE expo Innovation Officer Heidi Yujie Su,E.I.T. attended the U-S-E Water project’s 2 session seminar about Drinking Water Distribution & Urban Water Loss and Energy Saving and CO2 Reduction Technology for Wastewater Treatment to share the collaboration experience between Danish water SMEs and Yixing Local companies under Nordic Sustainable Cities.

Starting in 2014, the City of Shanghai has collaborated with the Energy Foundation China, China Sustainable Transportation Centre (CSTC), and the Danish Urban Strategy company Gehl – Making Cities for People to develop the strategy “Towards a People Orientated Waterfront” to create a people-first approach to all public space development along all of the Shanghai Huangpu Riverfront. Mr. Sun Yuanxin from CSTC guided Consul General Mr. Jakob Linulf on a walk along the south Bund to introduce the idea behind the strategy and implementation. In 2018, the strategy had resulted in the implementation of more than 45 km transformed and continuous public spaces from the Yangpu district to the Xuhui district. Since then, even more of the 110km waterfront has been transformed. The same year Kristian Villadsen, Partner and Director of Gehl was awarded the Magnolia Award by the Municipal Government of Shanghai. One of the latest implementations from Gehl’s strategic work in Shanghai is the full transformation of Nanjing East Road into a pedestrian street.

The artwork “Scries” created by the Danish art platform Diakron and artist Emil Rønn Andersen is part of Power Station of Art’s 13th Shanghai Biennale “Bodies of water” until 27 July. Consul General Jakob Linulf was invited to the opening ceremony and had the opportunity to talk online with Bjarke Hvass Kure, Aslak Aamot Kjærulff from Diakron, and artist Emil Rønn Andersen about their artwork. Scries is developed through conversations with scientists at DTU Environment, ICOS Denmark, RERAF Risø, CLIMATE at Copenhagen University, and the Centre for Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute. The project grows out of Primer, an art, science, and technology platform developed between Diakron and the Danish water technology company Aquaporin A/S.”

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