Twins from Danish TV 2 series ‘Anders & Torben’ to open a restaurant in Thailand 

Anders has invested money in a Thai restaurant with his girlfriend Don

The twins Anders and Torben Petersen, known from the Danish TV2 series ‘Anders & Torben’ have embarked on a new adventure of opening a restaurant in Thailand. Or at least one of the twins has, but just like everything they do in life, they do it together so the other twin will most likely join the Thai adventure. 

According to Danish media Her&Nu, Anders has invested DKK 15.000 in the project and his Thai girlfriend Don has invested what equals DKK 5.000. The twins will not be working in the restaurant themselves however because that job is not allowed for foreigners in Thailand.

The twins have also considered opening a bar, but the fear of becoming an alcoholic is too great, they tell Her&Nu.

Someone has told them that foreign bar owners are being offered so many drinks by locals that they end up becoming addicted, which is not something the 50-year-old twins want to risk.

Besides starring in the TV series, the twins also have their own YouTube channel where they take viewers along for walks in the woods or on drives. Whether they will show their restaurant business adventures in Thailand on their youtube channel is still unknown.  

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