Uninsured Danish patient finally home from Philippines

The uninsured 47-year-old Danish man, Michael Christensen, who had been stranded at a Philippine hospital for five months, finally got sent back home last week, BT reports. He is now at Danish hospital, but his life is still hanging by a thread.


Janne Tholstrup, who started a donation-site on Facebook to collect money for Michael Christensen’s medical bills and transportation back to Denmark, managed to put together more than 350000 kroner from Danish people over the past few months. She was delighted to finally see Michael reunited with his parents, she told BT.

Photo: BT
Photo: BT

“It is important that he is now in good hands. But his condition is still critical, also because he did not get the proper medical treatment at the Philippine hospital.”

Janne Tholstrup is not related to Michael Christensen, but took the initiative to start the donation campaign out of compassion for a fellow Dane in need of help.

So far there is still money owed to the Philippine hospital, so donations is still warmly welcomed.

Facebook donation page
Source BT

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