Vimi Offers Free 250 Lead Contacts to B2B Businesses to Help Survive the Effects of Covid 19

Vimi, a Bangkok-based agency which specialises in B2B lead generation and digital marketing, announced the launch of the COVID19 Relief Fund for B2B Businesses. The initiative offers a free relief package of 250 verified lead email addresses to businesses which have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Companies can use these emails to support their digital business development efforts during the times when other alternatives, such as trade shows and exhibitions, are not available.

Vimi’s COVID19 Relief Fund is part of the Vimi’s decision to contribute to improving the situation and offering help to businesses who are struggling to survive during these difficult days. This initiative will support B2B organisations for whom the current situation creates unique challenges in terms of marketing their solutions, bringing in revenue, and safeguarding their employees.

Vimi set a budget of US$ 20,790 worth of value to help 55 businesses a month. The offer is provided on a no-commitment basis, and businesses who receive the free relief package are not expected to do anything in return. Vimi will be processing applications on a first-come-first-serve basis and reserves the right to deliver this assistance to whichever businesses they feel are most deserving and most in need.

“During the difficult days like this one can either sink into depression, or choose to take a stand,” said Mike Darnell, one of the Vimi’s founders. “We may not be a huge corporation, but we believe that everyone has a part to play and we can all take action, however small, to make these days a little brighter and more hopeful”.


Companies who are interested in applying for the free relief package are encourage to fill in the form:

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Vimi is a full-fledged digital agency founded in Bangkok in 2011 by Virode Imtarnasan and Mike Darnell. The company  specialises in servicing B2B clients by providing them with services to support their online success through development of new digital services and product lines, creation and enhancement of e-commerce sales channels and online lead generation campaign.The company’s executive team has accumulated over 50 years of experience in setting up and maintaining high-performance digital platforms for Fortune 1,000 companies and successful startups.


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