Xi Jinping gets historic third term as president of China

The National People’s Congress in China has on Friday, March 10, elected Xi Jinping as president for the third time. With this election, Xi Jinping beats his predecessors, who stopped after two terms. This was reported by Chinese state media.

The re-election is the culmination of a process in which Xi Jinping has developed into the most powerful leader in the history of China.

Nearly 3,000 people in the National People’s Congress, unanimously granted the post to 69-year-old Jinping. There were no other candidates in the vote.

The election of Xi Jinping was anticipated after he was re-elected as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in October.

In 2018 Jinping ensured that the limit of a maximum of two terms for a Chinese president was abolished and thereby made his re-election possible.

Friday’s re-election means Jinping could be president at least well into his 70s unless a challenger emerges.

Source: BT.dk

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