Severe criticism of Carlsberg in China

Severe accusation are being made against Carlsberg in China, where the Danish brewery is accused of being ‘a tool of the Chinese government’s repression’.

TV 2 and Danwatch have spoken to the writer Abduweli Ayup, who at the time lived in Xinjiang – a Muslim area in China. He claims to have witnessed a group of 20 men drinking beer as a part of a forced drinking game.

According to Ayup, a Chinese woman was standing with a megaphone encouraging the men to drink. The witness states, the woman repeatedly told them they were brave and that they were challenging religious extremism. Behind the Chinese woman was paramilitary forces and police officers with weapons, Ayup said.

“The men who were drinking looked scared. They looked like they were drinking poison,’ said Abduweli Ayup.

The beer-drinking men drank the brand Wusu, owned by Carlsberg.

Carlsberg and Wusu is now suspected of being tools of the Chinese government’s oppression, by making money on Muslims being punished for not drinking alcohol due to their religion.

Carlsberg rejects all accusations. TV 2 and Danwatch haven’t found any decisive evidence that suggest that Carlsberg and Wusu were aware of the incidents.


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