​Content Marketing: Blogging to Promote Your Business!

Modern Marketing is rooted in the constant posting of new content on your website and then promoting it on various other channels such as your email newsletter and social media. Businesses are fully embracing content marketing by utilizing “Blogs” on their websites.

Blogging has become the number #1 method businesses and organizations are using to publish marketing content. But the process can be very time consuming and you never know if you will appear high enough in the result list when customers search for your products or services on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Mynewsdesk is a marketing tool that can help you with that. It will make publishing across a number of platforms like facebook, twitter, wordpress, etc. easy for you. Not having to re-post your content and upload your photos on all these platforms one by one saves you a lot of time. And the ranking of Mynewsdesk secures your content a much higher place on the search engines’ result list than if you would try to do the SEO yourself.

Scandinavian Publishing has been appointed re-seller in Thailand for Mynewsdesk since early 2014 and marketing specialist Joakim Persson has been creating awareness of the benefits of Mynewsdesk to a range of potential customers in Thailand.

Currently, two schools in Thailand – NIST International School and KIS International School – have purchased the web tool and use it to distribute and publish news and blog posts about their schools. A Danish telemarketing company – Alpine Saleforce in Hua Hin is also a client and of course the ScandMedia Group itself is a believer.

A couple of other customers are on considering which of the available packages, that would best fit their purpose and budget. The Thai gaming company Vera & John is also a very active Thai user, but they do not count as a success in this regard because they joined Mynewsdesk before Scandinavian Publishing became a re-seller in Thailand

If you are interested in exploring what Mynewsdesk could potentially do for you, please contact Mynewsdesk expert Joakim Persson or Marketing Director Finn Balslev or Managing Director Gregers Moller for a free estimate.

You can of course also shortcut the whole process and sign up for a free trial here: http://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/signup/premium

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