Field trip to Royal Copenhagen Thailand

The Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce (DanCham) was given the privilege by Royal Copenhagen Thailand to arrange a small trip for its members and friends of the Chamber to visit the company’s production facilities in Saraburi on Friday 26 October 2012.

On the day of the event traffic was manageable and the trip from Bangkok only took one and a half hour from the Bangkok city center. On arrival at Royal Copenhagen, we were all greeted and warmly welcomed by the Managing Director, Mr. Mogen Hansen, and the New Product Development Manager, Mr. John Frank Jørgensen.

The factory visit started off with fresh coffee and cakes presented beautifully in Royal Copenhagen’s own collections by the kind company staff. A short video presentation about the company was shown while coffee was enjoyed. Once we had all learned more about the company and its history the group was divided into two smaller groups, of which one group was taken for a round trip tour in the production department, while the other group was in an air-conditioned room learning to paint the best-selling and ever popular products of Royal Copenhagen, the Blue Fluted Mega, Thermal mug.

Royal Copenhagen started their production in Thailand in 2003 with only 10 artists/painters and a couple of management staff from Denmark. The plan was initially to only do decoration in Thailand, but because of the popular design and market growth the company has now expanded its production and now has 350 employees in Thailand.

During the tour in the production department it became evident that the employees are working in a very nice work environment and there were warm smiles and a relaxed atmosphere everywhere we went.

When observing one of the skilled and experienced artist staff painting a mug it looks quite simple, but undoubtedly most who tried for themselves would assure you that once you have the mug in one hand and a fine paint brush in the other, things got much more complicated and it was not at all as simple as it looked.

The trademark Royal Copenhagen designs and painting works require a very high degree of skilled workers and this was also one of the reasons Royal Copenhagen chose Thailand for their production expansion. Thailand has the traditional craftsmanship and the sources of materials that are very similar to what Royal Copenhagen Denmark was looking for. Therefore, today, Royal Copenhagen Thailand not only creates the decoration on products but also produces collections for Royal Copenhagen which are then exported to Denmark, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

DanCham and its members and friends would like to Thank Royal Copenhagen Thailand for a very educational and creative day in Saraburi – and also give thanks for a very nice lunch hosted at a Vietnamese Restaurant nearby. Last, but not least, the prize for the winner of the most beautiful painting on the Blue Fluted Mega, Thermal mug, at the workshop went to Ms. Annelies Haverkamp from Novo Nordisk. The prize was one of the very popular and beautifully decorated Blue Fluted MegaOval Dish (Fish dish).

The Winner

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