Re-opening Thai House at the Moesgaard Museum

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H.E. Mr. Chaisiri Anamarn, Thai Ambassador to Denmark presided over the inauguration of the renovated Thai house at the Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus on Friday 4 August 2006 to commemorate H.M. King Bhumibhol’s 60th Anniversary on the throne. The event was accompanied by the opening of the summer exhibition dedicated to Thailand.

The Royal Thai Embassy and the Moesgaard Museum co-organized two special events this year at the museum to celebrate the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King’s accession on the throne. The first event of the afternoon was the inauguration of the Thai House and the reception, where the embassy was host followed by a performance of the Thai classical dance group.

The second important event was the opening of the Thai exhibition with the theme of “The Light of Thailand – A King and his People” to the public.

Honorable guests, who have attended these two auspicious events include H.E. Mr. Chaisiri Anamarn, Thai Ambassador to Denmark and wife Mrs. Mokkara Anamarn, Mrs. Nitaya Jessadachatr, Minister Counsellor and husband, Honorary Consul-General Mr. Ib Thomsen, Mr. Johannes Flensted Jensen, County Mayor and Chairman of the Board, Moesgaard Museum, Mr. Jan Skamby Madsen, Director of Moesgaard Museum, Mrs. Annette Damm, Curator of the Museum, Dr. Mikael Gravers and all officials concerned. In addition, the Thai community and the Danish media presented at the ceremony have made the event more impressive.

According to H.E. Mr. Chaisiri, the Thai House has been located at the museum compound for more than thirty years, where it was first brought from Thailand for the museum’s summer exhibition dedicated to Thailand in 1975 with the help of H.R.H. Prince Prem Purachatra, Thailand’s former Ambassador to Denmark from 1972 to 1975 and together with Professor Ole Klindt-Jensen, the former Director of Moesgaard Museum. This represents well the long and significant relations between the two kingdoms.

“Having a Thai House on the Danish soil is quite rare and this signifies the strong ties between the two countries dated back in our long history of relationship,” says Ambassador Mr. Chaisiri.

“In order to preserve the close ties and the Thai culture, we need to at least upkeep the house so that the next generation could see and experience it,” he adds.

The Thai House, being displayed at the museum garden for over three decades certainly dilapidated over time and reparation was needed. In the attempt to preserve Thai culture, this year, the restoration was implemented and completed with the cooperation of the Thai government, Moesgaard Museum, Senator Pensak Chaksuchinda, Honorary Consul-General Mr. Ib Thomsen and other officials concerned. Hence, the inauguration of the Thai House was in time for the celebration of H.M. the King’s 60th Anniversary on the throne.

Apart from the inauguration of the Thai House, the Royal Thai Embassy and the Moesgaard Museum also co-organized another exhibition with the theme “The Light of Thailand – A King and his People” to commemorate the anniversary, displaying some of the projects under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the King of Thailand for his people. The exhibition focused on the northern part of Thailand with the hill tribe people, where His Majesty has been carrying out several developmental projects on.

“This is a very important year for Thailand and the Moesgaard Museum was so kind to exhibit part of the activities of H.M. the King to the public,” says Ambassador Chaisiri.

“Although the exhibition concentrated on the northern part about the hill tribe people, this at least could help the Danes or the visitors to understand and know more about the King of Thailand and his activities. This is what the Thai people should be proud of,” he adds.

King Bhumibhol Adulyadej of Thailand is the world’s current longest reigning monarch with 60 years on the throne. He is very much devoted to the country and his people, where he has several developmental projects done in various parts of Thailand. His Majesty has been the most important strength at the foundation of Thailand’s development and Thai people all over the globe pledge their profound gratitude to his kindness and devotion.

The activities co-organized by the Thai embassy, the Thai community and Denmark are bound to be continuous ones as the Thai embassy plans to host other forthcoming projects in other parts of Denmark this years as well as several other events in the following years to promote the Thai culture and values and maintaining the link between the two countries.

“This year, the Thai communities and Thai embassies all over the world had a lot of activities and we hope to have more projects in the following years, especially the next one as the King will turn eighty years old,” says Ambassador Mr. Chaisiri.
By organizing activities between Thailand and Denmark, this will strengthen the existing ties between the two countries as well as further preserve and promote the indigenous Thai culture abroad, which will be a unique experience for foreign visitors.

“I think Thailand and Denmark, particularly the Danish embassy and Danish community in Thailand may organize more activities or projects, which would help to enhance the cooperation between the two countries,” comments Ambassador Mr. Chaisiri.

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