Singapore’s Nordic Community Launches Nordic Golf Tournament

It is often said that board meetings are held to confirm proposed decisions made on the golf course; this probably makes golf the unofficial sport of the business world thus giving Scandinavian Associations in Singapore such as the Danish Business Association of Singapore, the Swedish Business Association of Singapore and the Finnish Business Council absolute reason to jointly organize a golf tournament that would aid in fostering closer ties between the Nordic business community here and its regional and local business counterparts.
“Golf is a great way of networking and this tournament was the perfect opportunity to meet other members of the Nordic business community.” says Lars Alstrup, President of the Danish Business Association Singapore, “It also provided the opportunity for our members to invite their clients and other relations to experience and enjoy an exclusive Nordic event.”
The event also helped in serving to enhance the economic ties between Singapore and the Nordic counties and further cultivating the relationship between Asia and the Nordic nations established at the Asia Europe Meeting that started based on both Asia and Europe recognizing the need to strengthen economic and diplomatic relations between the two regions.
The main partners of the event were Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Carlsberg. Other partners included Ericsson, SEB, KC Dat and Thysseen Krup. Skoda was the hole-in-one sponsor.
Despite being the first Nordic Golf tournament held, it proved to be a huge success with a turnout larger than expected with over 128 members signing up for the tournament.
“We should definitely have it again so I can continue hitting people in the head with my shots.” laughs Hakan Olsson, Director and General Manager of Scandinavian Airlines in Southeast Asia, “The support received by the community was fantastic. It only took a few weeks for the tournament to launch thanks to the amount of sponsors and businesses showing their support. The networking was great; we even managed to sell a couple of tickets on the green.”
A total of 36 flights teed off that day, followed by an enjoyable prize presentation dinner the club’s Eagle Ballroom in the evening.

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