A Tale of Two Vikings

There are (at least) two Danish companies active in Vietnam with the word “Viking” as part of their name. One is Viking Rubber Company A/S. The other is Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S.
The first Viking, the Viking Rubber Company A/S, is a manufacturer of outdoor clothing like rainwear and other kinds of professional clothing. Viking started production cooperation with Vitexco Garment Factory in Ho Chi Minh City back in 2004 and recently the company opened a new factory in Khanh Dong Industrial Park in Hoc Mon district of Ho Chi Minh City with Vietxco as joint venture partner. This factory was officially inaugurated on Tuesday 31 October 2006 by the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Peter Lysholt Hansen.
The second Viking, the Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S, is a manufacturer of safety equipment for the maritime sector and especially known for its very popular inflatable rubber life rafts. For many years, this Viking worked closely with the Danish company Mermaid Maritime in Thailand. Some years ago, this cooperation led to Viking establishing its own factory in Thailand with Mermaid Maritime as its neighbour and business partner. Recently, when Mermaid Maritime established a workshop in Vietnam, the business idea was not least to serve the many Viking clients in Vietnam’s growing offshore and shipping sector. This workshop was officially inaugurated on 11 October in Vietnam’s offshore capital, Vung Tau. With the participation of Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, Peter Lysholt Hansen.
What both Viking companies have in common is that they are both pretty annoyed with ScandAsia.
In the December 2006 issue, we reported that  “Viking Vietnam Opens New Factory”, happily using a picture of a life raft from Viking Life-Saving Equipment being inflated at the Vung Tau workshop of Mermaid Maritime as illustration to the text about the opening of Viking Rubber Company’s new factory in Khanh Dong Industrial Park. Ooops..
ScandAsia would like to apologize to both Vikings and we hurry to share our newly gained knowledge with our readers, who might also have been confused by the name coincidence.
This said we thought it would be an interesting information to share, how many companies are carrying the name Viking. Worldwide the result was way into the thousands. Limiting the location to Denmark only, the result according to the search site http://www.krak.dk/ turned out to be 140 companies.

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