Olof Palme’s son combats hospital infections in Hanoi

Representatives of Stockholm University and the Swedish group Bactiguard said they are eager to work with Vietnam on healthcare issues – including the son of olof Palme.

Professor of Economics at Stockholm’s University Marten Palme and Associate Professor at the Karolinska Institute and Medical Director of the Bactiguard group, Johanna Admi, stated this on at a press briefing during their visit to Hanoi on April 23. They was in Vietnam to discuss the possibility of a joint project to control infections the Hanoi Medical University.

At the briefing, Professor Palme said that the project had originated from his special feelings towards Vietnam, something he had inherited from his father, the late Prime Minister Olof Palme, who had given Vietnam his wholehearted support during the war and in later years.

Professor Palme said that Sweden could provide the necessary medical equipment and new technologies that are needed in this field and that professors from Stockholm university would take part in the project.

The project would conduct an assessment of both infection rates in hospitals and their economic impact, said the professor. He explained that the project would draw up an infection control programme for hospitals which would save patients money and pointed to the fact that hospital-related infections in Vietnam are two to three times higher than in European countries.

Additionally, once implemented, the project would provide an opportunity for cooperation in training and exchange programmes for students and professors between Stockholm Univercity and the Hanoi Medical University and enhance the control of infections in Vietnamese hospitals, said the professor.

The project intends to help formulate national policies, standards and guidelines for the CSSD’s operations.

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