Easier To Do Business in Thailand

Thursday 10 a’ clock around 90 businesspeople, government officials, and representatives from different Chambers of Commerce was gathered at the One Start One Stop Investment Center at the 18th floor in the Chamchuri Office Tower in central Bangkok.

In the big meeting room 1 are both foreign and Thai gentlemen and ladies dressed in suits and shirts and seated in comfy office chair at big wooden tables.
They are all here to hear about what the One Start One Stop Investment Center have offer. And General Secretary makes comprehensive intro to the OSOS Center and what is has to offer business in Thailand.


Services on offer
Atcsaka Saibyanayand, General Secretay at the OSOS Center tells that the it is open to all businesses, new as well as expanding companies. Thai, foreign, small and big.21 representatives from different key agencies, when doing business in Thailand, are located at the OSOS center.
The center offer information in a great variety things and the services are conducted in both Thai, English, Japanese and Chinese.


Some of the many services, applications and licenses, the OSOS center are providing:
– Foreign Business License
– Vat registration
– Consultancy on the labour protection law
– Application for factory establishment
– Permission to bring in foreign experts
– Construction permits


Extra services to selected companies
Next to the OSOS Investment Centre is the One Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits, but this is not for everyone, it is only for BOI approved companies and a few other special chosen.
The idea is to make it more convenient for investors who both need Visas and Business Licenses, who before had to go several places, that now only have to go to one place. As a extra bonus there is a childcare room, which could easily come in use if you are a busy business woman or man.


Missing businesspeople
At the final of her introduction, General Secretary Atcsaka Saibyanayand said: “The beauty of the One Start One Stop Investment Center is that you can get in contact with so many departments at the same place and at the same time. We are just waiting for you to use our services.”

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