Elizabeth Romhild Sculpture on Auction until Thursday 4 March

Elizabeth Romhild’s bronze sculpture “Ectasy” is available for online bidding at a special auction held by the Danish Auction House Bruun Rasmussen where all the proceeds go to Breast Cancer research.
    But if you want to buy it, you must hurry, because the auction will end during Thursday 4 March.
    Elizabeth Romhild tells the “story behind the story” how this happened.
    “I have been supporting the Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Center in Bangkok for several years, was recently appointed as one of the Breast Cancer Ambassadors in Thailand,” she explains
    “Last week I was informed that Bruun Rasmussen was having a special art auction to the support of Breast Cancer research, and I wanted to also support this noble cause in my home country.”
    “I had to act very fast and I decided to donate one of my bronze sculptures based on the Ecstasy paintings, which I had the honor to present personally to Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit of Thailand. These paintings are now hanging at the Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Center in Bangkok.”
    “I was happy to be accepted to participate in the auction together with other well known Danish artists, and managed to send  the Ecstasy bronze sculpture to Bruun Rasmussen only last night!”
    The Ecstasy bronze sculpture is an AP/1 (Artist Proof) out of limited edition of 8 only. It is 60cm high.
    The online auction is here:


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