Danish Ambassador Receives Environmental Award

On 5 July, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam Peter Lysholt Hansen received Vietnam’s campaign medal as a sign of recognition of the many contributions he has made to environmental protection in the country.

Vietnam is one of the five countries in the world most affected by climate change. Over the six year period, Peter Lysholt Hansen has been in office at the Embassy in Hanoi, he has especially focused his efforts on environmental protection and the reduction of the effects of climate change. This has made Denmark one of Vietnam’s key allies in environmental protection and the struggle against climate change.

It is not the first time that the Ambassador receives a token of appreciation for the work he does. In June, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also awarded him a campaign medal for his contributions to Vietnamese Industrial and Trade.

Denmark has provided millions of kroner to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for energy consultation. This means that the goals under the National Targeted Program on Energy Efficiency and Conservation have been reached. It will increase production facilities in Vietnam that apply economical methods and technologies for energy efficiency.

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