Swedish Pavilion Welcomes its 1.000.000th Visitor

Summer has truly come to Shanghai, with temperatures above 30 degrees every day and a high level of humidity. Despite this somewhat unfriendly weather, visitors keep pouring into the Expo park every day, eager to experience all that the Expo has to offer.

Today, the Swedish pavilion welcomed its one millionth visitor. It was a 20-year-old girl named Wu Guoying, and she was delighted to receive a diploma and some Swedish gifts from Swedish pavilion director Christine Engdahl.

– It is my first time to visit the expo and the Swedish pavilion, and I was very surprised and excited to receive this honor and these nice gifts, says Miss Wu Guoying.

Since the Expo opened on May 1st there have been some 17 million visitors to the entire area. The Swedish pavilion alone has now had over one million visitors since the inauguration, giving an average of about 15,000 visitors per day.

– I think it is fantastic that we have so many visitors to our pavilion, I believe it shows that we have something that reaches out to the Chinese audience, and make them curious about Sweden and who we are, says Christine Engdahl.

The Expo will continue until October 31st and is the largest marketing effort Sweden has ever done abroad. The theme for the exhibition is ‘Sprit of Innovation” and more than 200 Swedish companies recognize themselves in this theme and are sponsoring the Swedish participation in different ways.
The World Exposition in Shanghai lasts between May 1 and October 31 2010.

It is estimated to be the largest World Expo ever with over 200 participating countries and organizations and 70 million visitors – mainly from China. Sweden participates with a pavilion of its own financed equally by government and business. At the Swedish pavilion the visitors will meet up with Swedish Spirit of Innovation through games and examples luring them to communication, participation and engagement to the benefit of both man and nature.


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