Nordic Centre at Fudan University plays important role in bridging Nordic universities with China


In a recent update, the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai highlights Nordic collaboration in China and its long roots. 

The Consulate General writes that a good example of Nordic and Chinese collaboration is the Nordic Centre at Fudan University in Shanghai, which has connected several Nordic universities with China for the last 25 years.

In the summer newsletter of the center, the new Nordic Centre program manager Veli-Matti Palomäki says, “For 25 years, Nordic Centre at Fudan University has played an important role in bridging Nordic universities with China. Having lived and worked in Shanghai for almost five years, I have had the pleasure to closely follow the activities at Nordic Centre, while also often collaborating more directly.

While the Nordic Centre is not the only example of a research or innovation center between Nordic and Chinese universities, it is in many ways unique. Its 25 years of history is remarkable in itself – we all know how fast and oftentimes unpredictable the change in China can be. As a network of 28 different universities, and its collectively Nordic presence as a center for research, innovation, as well as culture in a broader sense, the Nordic Centre plays an invaluable role.”

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