ASEAN and Norway deepens cooperation

The 6th meeting of the ASEAN-Norway Joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee was held online on May 31 Source:

The partnership between ASEAN and Norway was recently reviewed at the 6th ASEAN-Norway Joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee meeting and notes were placed on the progress made between the cooperation between ASEAN and Norway.

According to reports by media VOV, the meeting held via video conference especially noted with satisfaction the adoption of documents regarding areas of cooperation in the ASEAN-Norway Partnership in the 2021-2025 period. The meeting also encouraged greater business-to-business contacts and the development of projects and programs related to narrowing the development gaps in the ASEAN region.

Participating in the 6th meeting were ASEAN officials, represented by the Committee of Permanent Representatives in Jakarta, and Norwegian officials led by State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jens Frølich Holte. Nguyen Hai Bang, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to ASEAN also took part in the meeting.

Norway stated its commitment to cooperating with ASEAN and affirmed the country’s continuing support of the bloc in community building. Norway is also looking to promote ASEAN-Norwegian cooperation between the two sides in areas such as marine economy, energy, the enhancement of women’s role, climate change, and the treatment of medical waste.

During 2017-2020, Norway provided ASEAN with $9.1 million through the ASEAN-Norway Regional Integration Program.

The meeting took note that following the expiration of the Priority Plan for the ASEAN-Norway Sectoral Dialogue Partnership in March 2021, all action lines listed for implementation of the Priority Plan have been or are being addressed. These include projects and activities on human rights; peace, reconciliation, and security; energy; environment; youth; education; women empowerment; micro, small and medium enterprises; connectivity; and Initiative for ASEAN Integration.

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