Bali starts distributing list of “dos and don’ts” only days after Dane was arrested

Bali officials are distributing a new “dos and don’ts” list for tourists, following the holiday hotspot’s crackdown on international visitors.

The list comes just days after footage of a Danish woman went viral. The video, which was filmed seven months back, shows the Dane exposing her genitalia from the back of a motorbike. The woman has since been arrested.

Foreign travelers arriving on the island will have the list “slipped” into their passports upon arrival.

The list contains 12 “dos” and eight “don’ts.” The cards are to instruct tourists on how to behave and to inform them of local traditions, religion and law.

Under the “don’ts,” tourists are banned from trespassing on sacred territories, touching sacred trees, engaging in behavior that impairs sacred areas, littering, using single-use plastics, profanity, illegal work or business activities and any criminal acts.

Instead, tourists are encouraged to respect sacred objects, customs and traditions, behave politely in sacred places, be escorted by a licensed tour guide, exchange money at authorized money changers, comply with relative laws, stay in permit-holding accommodation, and adhere to all rules.


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