Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia highlights the partnership for sustainable development


Last year, Denmark and Indonesia celebrated 70 years of diplomatic relations but unfortunately, the pandemic prevented the Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia from carrying out a great celebration. So in a video, the Embassy looks back and takes stock of a friendship that is stronger than ever.

The Embassy writes: 


In recent years, bilateral relations have expanded significantly and several high-level visits have been carried out. 

Most recently, Queen Margarete II visited in 2015 while the former Danish Prime Minister came to Jakarta in 2017 followed by the latest visit by Crown Princess Mary in 2019. On top of this, multiple Indonesian and Danish ministers have met on official visits.

Our two countries have established a strategic partnership covering cooperation within areas such as good governance, human rights and interfaith dialogue, green energy, circular economy, food & agriculture, health, maritime, defense, education, and culture.

This year a new plan of action for the partnership is being finalized with a strong emphasis on green diplomacy and sustainable development, which we are excited to launch!

Watch the video highlighting Denmark and Indonesia’s diplomatic relations here

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