Covid-19 vaccine is not mandatory in Malaysia

There have been concerns that the Covid-19 vaccine could be harmful for those with medical conditions and the elderly. (AP pic)

According to Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of science, technology, and innovation, the Malaysian government has no plans of making Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory.

Malaysia has been placed under a nationwide emergency until 1 August to curb the pandemic and this has raised concern by some quarters, that the Malaysian government can make the vaccine compulsory under emergency laws. Concerns are raised because of the recent deaths in Norway that might suggest the vaccine can be harmful to the elderly and those with medical conditions.

With the first batch of Covid-19 vaccinations expected to arrive in Malaysia next month, the Minister has repeatedly emphasized that the policy remains and that is, that for the time being, the vaccine is voluntary.

Lawyer A Srimurugan says to FTM that the Emergency Ordinance provides the power for the King to “issue directions for treatment, immunization, isolation, observation or surveillance.” If such directions are issued, a person who refuses or fails to get vaccinated could be fined, face prison time for up to two years, or both if vaccinations are to be made mandatory.

Responding to FTM regarding the concerns, the Minister added that it will be a voluntary exercise.

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  1. Why even the mandatory is being considered at first place…. because some of them(including me) have never been contracted covid-19.
    What should be the reason for these kind of ppl to get vaccinated ?

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