Danish app offers a way to rescue delicious, unsold food from local shops and restaurants

The Danish company, Too Good To Go, is an app where consumers can purchase food that would otherwise be thrown away, and instead pick up the food at cut-down prices.

Overall, one-third of food produced today is either lost or wasted, and the investors see big potential. This idea could potentially turn into a good platform to reduce food waste in Asian countries as well.

On normal days for food retailers, it is common to see food selling at lower prices when it’s nearing the closing time. Due to the current movement restrictions, dine-ins are no longer possible in states under MCO. Leveraging on such an app could be a way for retailers to sell their excess foodstuffs to customers to avoid wastage and also a good opportunity for them to reach a wider customer base.

The company is fast expanding with staff in every corner of Europe but has so far not expanded into Asia. Grab the opportunity here.

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