Import of Norwegian seafood remains solid in Thailand

In Norwegian aquaculture salmon are raised in vast fish pens anchored to the seafloor. Photo Bangkok Post

Thailand still imports Norwegian seafood despite the pandemic with Norwegian Salmon at the top of the list.

A new report from the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) shows that the export of salmonids to Thailand has remained solid through the pandemic. The new figures show that it’s only seen a 1 percent decline in the volume of fresh salmonids exported to Thailand during 2020. Salmonids include, amongst other kinds, salmon and fjord trout.

Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit, NSC’s Southeast Asia regional director says to Bangkok Post that they have been working more closely with grocery chains, delivery, and takeaway services and because of that, they have been able to maintain a strong position in the Thai market during the pandemic.

The report indicates that NSC’s total performance in the Thai market has decreased slightly compared to 2019. The figures include both frozen and fresh products and show a decrease in salmon, fjord trout, and mackerel with 10 percent, 12 percent, and 1 percent respectively.

NCS has seen its global export increase of 2 percent last year despite the pandemic seriously denting the world economy.

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