Danish Film Festival in Singapore showing Danish design

Børge Mogensen, Bjarke Ingels and bugs.

Børge Mogensen relaxing on one of his couches. Screenshot from Design for Life

On the 16th to 18th of March, the first Danish Film Festival in Singapore will screen documentaries about notable personalities in the Danish art/arcithecture/design world. And also there will be a movie about eating bugs.

As Danish design has made it’s entrance to the global scene with the chair Ægget, the Sydney Opera House and the One World Trade Center, people

may be curious of the personalities behind these iconic inventions.

The festival will feature documentaries about Bjarke Ingels (B.I.G), Børge Mogensen, Olafur Eliasson and more. There will also be shown a documentary about the future of the food resources and how bugs may help solve the forthcoming food shortage.

Danish Film Festival 2018 is curated by The Projector and co-presented with the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore, with the support of the Danish Film Institute. More information and tickets can be found on this website.

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